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Does Pricing Include Gratuity?

While any gratuity is appreciated, no gratuity is expected, nor will it be solicited. If you wish to tip, you may. However, we will not assume you will.

Why Don't You Allow Smoking?

Even with the best cleaning products, it is extremely difficult to remove the smell and particles left behind by smoking. Some of our customers have asthma, are allergic to smoke, or simply find it unpleasant. We insist on providing a service that is highly enjoyable to all.

Are Other Forms Of Tobacco Allowed?

We do not allow any tobacco products such as chewing, snuff, etc. There is a risk of accidental spills and this will stain the vehicle causing you to incur fees to restore the vehicle to the original state you entered it.

Is Vaping Allowed?

Because of the reasons given for not smoking in the car, we do not allow vaping.

What About Edibles?

We do not care if you consume edibles in the vehicle, provided it is happening in a place where it is legal to consume them.

Are We Allowed To Eat In The Vehicle?

Yes. We just ask that you take care to not stain the vehicle or make a mess that you can't clean.

Can We Bring Our Own Alcohol?

Yes. We will provide you with beverages as well, but if you have some you want to bring, feel free too.

How Many People Does The Car Seat?

The car seats 6. We cannot allow for additional passengers as it is not legal to do so.

Do Infants Have To Be In A Car Seat?

If a child is required to be in a car seat or booster seat in your car, the law requires them to be in those same seats in our vehicles as well.



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Rave Reviews for Northwest Oregon's budget limousine service:

"5 stars! Yelp only allows 4? We had an amazing time on the Holiday Lights Tour. Beautiful, comfortable car. Driver extended every courtesy. We will definitely travel with them again."

"Awesome business owners, excellent clean car. You couldn’t ask for better service for all your transportation needs. 5 out of 5 stars."

"Awesome, awesome individual! A GREAT limo driver. Five stars all the way!!"

"Dave was awesome. Hired him to pick me up from the airport to take me home. Super fast and friendly."

"Bald Guy Limo is the way to go! I definitely recommend them- fun experience!"

"Absolutely the best experience, family owned and went above and beyond to make us happy!! Highly recommend."

"I really enjoyed my smooth ride to Canby Oregon. I loved the fresh air conditioning since it was almost 100 degrees outside. I recommend this service to everyone. People would love it too."

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